Жарияланған күні: 21.02.2018 11:55
Өзгертілген күні: 28.03.2019 11:59

Dear Users of the “E-invoicing” information system! We present you the Classifier of goods, works and services for the national accounting of goods on the side of the EI IS Virtual Warehouse for your familiarization and discussion.

Classifier of goods of works and services is represented by the following catalogue (Download), which is filled with two levels of values:

Level 1 – CPEA;

Level 2 - FEACN.

How to use the VWGD classifier (virtual warehouse global directory) in the commodity nomenclature of accounting systems:

1.    If the product FEACN is known, it is necessary to use a binding with the "dash" sign on the mask: CPEA-FEACN Let's look at an example: there is an imported the product "broccoli" in the warehouse. In this case, the known FEACN – 704100000. VWGD FEACN code 704100000 "Cabbages, cauliflowers, kohlrabi, curly kale and similar edible brassicas, fresh or chilled / cauliflower and broccoli" subordinate to the level of " - Cauliflower and broccoli". Thus, when filling EI in the section G in the column G17 the value - "" is specified.

2.    If the goods are made in the territory of RK, and it has no FEACN, in this case, when filling EI in the section G in the column G17 it is allowed to specify the code from CPEA level "".

Address your queries to the Virtual warehouse module Support Service at the email address esfsd@mgd.kz and by phone: 8 (7172) 72-73-20.